Miazma: Mara's Playpen

Just another page for those of us who are a little less than sane.....basically, it's my depot for anything interesting, weird, or outright disturbing;) Like the background? Anyone who's seen the 'Alien' movies will recognize the genius of H R Giger, and his twisted world view. Interested in more of his nightmarish work? Visit my gallery ......

One part of my site is going to be devoted to my senseless ramblings (or bitchfests, as one of my friends calls them;) It's a little column I write called 'The Voices In My Head': if there's anything you want to see ranted about, or mentioned, drop me a line at 22Mara@fcmail.com. That's right, loud opinionated nonsense for the greater good!;P
Or, if you're feeling snoopy, have a look at my diary......i'll allow you a little peek;) But beware....this is not for those who want a light read.

I am the Queen of raunchy jokes.....seriously, I am the only one I know who can keep telling these things when all of my 'macho' friends turn away muttering 'that's nasty';) Sooooo, I plan to uphold my rep on the web, with my Tasteless Treats area......if you have any good jokes (or even bad ones, this is, after all, 'tasteless';) send them in, and I'll inlcude the ones I find most funny and/or offensive;)

Advice anyone? If you're like me, and enjoy a good, uplifting piece of knowledge, than you'll like my section of quotes......some of these I picked up from random sites, or solved puzzles, or received from friends, but they all have good, solid quality to them. To those friends who did pass on some of these quotes: these mean a lot to me, and I hope you realize that:)

This area's still under construction, but you can take a look if you want......fun stuff like pikachus and horoscopes;) Or, visit my shrine and pay your respects to our favorite friend Mary-Wanna;P

Last but not least, to steal this idea I must mention my friend Taylor....whose kick-ass site was the inspiration for this part of the page: Poetry, songs, and other creative writing. I am an avid writer (notice I make no pretensions at talent;) and will attempt to put in my two cents every so often....if not, anyone is welcome to contribute (if ya, haven't already noticed, this is going to be a fairly interactive site.....c'mon, you can't expect me to do everything!;P) To visit his site (it's worth it) go to hacked.mycrowsoft.com Or, there's my friend Phil's twisted little site......good music, and some excellent poetry;) If you like purple cats and chicken breeding go here! Rabbit ;P

Last updated: 26/2/00